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  1. A small boat propelled by pedals that directly turn external paddles; used for recreation





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A pedalo is a form of waterborne transport, primarily for recreational use, powered through the use of pedals.
Pedalos work by utilizing the pedaling motion to rotate a paddle wheel similar to the form of marine propulsion used in the earlier Paddle Steamers. Two seater pedalos always have 3 pedals on each side to allow one person to pedal from the center if boating alone. They are sometimes available for rental on small park lakes, and are commonly preferred for non-competitive fishing for their quieter motion compared to motorboats. A common type of pedalo allows for two people to sit side by side, pedaling together. In the United States and Australia, these types of boats are referred to as paddle boats.
In 2007, Andrew Flintoff was stripped of the Vice Captaincy of the England cricket team after falling out of a pedalo while drunk.


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